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Since CYTO PHARMA  was founded in 1971, we've been committed to Wellness. This also means a commitment to quality, innovation and integrity. For two generations, We have been one of the few amygdalin producer companies that actually conducts its own research, manufacturing and distribution. We specialize in producing top quality amygdalin supplements and have over 40 years of manufacturing experience.

Cyto Pharma commitment to health and well being is shown in products and is appreciated by health conscious consumers around the world.

The CYTO PHARMA Leadership Team combines decades of experience and the authentic compromise to integrate the newest technological advances in manufacturing process. A passion and belief in products runs throughout Cyto Pharma company and is inspired by the expert knowledge passed on from Cyto Pharma Product Development Team.

Cyto Pharma commitment to quality is not only evident in the state of the art technology processes involved in production, but also in the high quality raw materials that we used.

The Mission of Cyto Pharma  is to develop natural products with the highest quality and standards.


We always lead with empathy, respect and honesty

"We care for your health"

Cyto Pharma de Mexico S.A. is a company with 40 years experience in the market, renowned world-wide leader in the investigation and pharmaceutical manufacture of alternative medicine.

In 1971 Cyto Pharma was the first company to receive a license (Under the direct supervision of Dr. Krebs which included his formula, process, technology and control methods) to produce Amigdalina (Amygdalin) which is the laboratory name for Vitamin B17 or Laetrile. Cyto Pharma is the oldest and worlds largest producer of this amazing substance.

There are many brands of Amygdalin, Laetrile or Vitamin B17 on the market, but not all of them contain the quality, purity and the structure to be named Amygdalin. We pride ourselves to strive to always provide the best supplements and medications for customers.

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